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November InSight 2019

Understanding the Major Shifts in Airline Alliances and Joint Ventures


In late September, Delta Air Lines shocked the aviation world with the announcement that they would be investing in LATAM Airlines, forming a joint venture and that LATAM would be leaving the oneworld alliance. This is the latest in a series of changes in the world of airline relationships that will change how passengers travel. What is the future of airline alliances and how does it affect travelers?  

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LAX Changing Taxi and Ride-hail Pickups

As anyone who has been to LAX airport can attest, the traffic in the terminal loop is a mess. A major step to alleviating that congestion was initiated at the end of October – all taxi and ride-hail pickups will now occur at a remote lot. LAX will be providing shuttle buses from the terminals to the designated lot near Terminal 1 (those arriving at Terminal 1 are probably better off walking to the lot rather than taking the shuttle). Tax and ride-hail drop-offs will still occur at each terminal.

LAX is joining a growing number of airports that are trying to manage traffic volume by moving ride hail and taxi traffic to remote locations. San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta are among the other major airports with similar plans in place.  However, LAX has a greater challenge as it doesn’t have rail/metro service to the airport putting a greater emphasis on taxis and ride hailing.

While the first few days of the new system have drawn complaints and delays, experiences from other airports suggest that those will decrease over time as the system becomes more efficient.


Arrive at Your London Meeting – Bag-free


United Airlines has partnered with Marriott to offer free baggage delivery to one of 5 hotels in London for travelers with morning arrivals London.  

The service is only available for those traveling from Newark to London in Polaris class. Predicated on the idea that many of those travelers will want to head straight to meetings in the city, no wants to bring their suitcase with them.  Following baggage claim and customs, passengers are able to drop their bag at a service desk at the airport and have their bags delivered to the hotel by early evening.

While nothing in the United announcement indicated as such, we expect that if this program is successful, it will expand to cover passengers on flights from cities such as Chicago, Houston and Washington as well. 

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